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originating in the bronchi.
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Of bronchial origin; emanating from the bronchi.
Synonym(s): bronchiogenic
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Of bronchial origin; emanating from the bronchi.
Synonym(s): bronchiogenic.
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According to Table-2 the Diagnostic sensitivity of USG Guided Transthoracic FNAC in Bronchiogenic Carcinoma was found to be 96.55% and the specificity 100% and the diagnostic accuracy was 96% considering cytological criteria as the standard.
Females were less because bronchiogenic carcinoma is less in females due to less smoking.
Thus in this study Ultrasound Guided Transthoracic FNAC was done for the diagnosis of Bronchiogenic Carcinoma and was found to be an effective, safe and speedy and relatively cheap method and only complication developed was Pneumothorax.
Wynder & Evarts A Graham, Tobacco Smoking as a Possible Etiologic Factor in Bronchiogenic Carcinoma, 143 JAMA 329, 336 (1950); see also U.S.
Epidemiologic and experimental data have demonstrated that exposure to asbestos can induce pulmonary inflammation, fibrosis of the lower respiratory tract (asbestosis)(1-3,6) and is a risk factor for developing bronchiogenic carcinoma and mesothelioma (7).