bronchial challenge

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1. to administer a chemical substance to a patient for observation of whether the normal physiological response occurs.
2. in immunology, to administer antigen to evoke an immunologic response in a previously sensitized individual.
3. the administration of such a substance in order to assess for a response; called also provocation.
bronchial challenge (inhalational challenge) bronchial challenge test.

bronchial challenge, bronchial challenge test

a challenge test in which a nonspecific agent such as histamine or methacholine is applied to the bronchi and they are assessed for a bronchoconstriction reaction. Also called bronchial provocation. See inhalational challenge test.

bronchial challenge

Inhalation of antigens to detect allergic reactions; in a positive BC, the Pt's temperature and WBC count rise, and the FEV1, and FVC fall within 4–12 hrs of inhalation
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Results [median (range)] of allergen bronchial challenge performed immediately after exposure to formaldehyde or air-only and methacholine bronchial challenge performed 8 hr after exposure.
Of the 247 attenders, one could not perform reproducible spirometry, one declined bronchial challenge, two had echocardiograph abnormalities and 26 had baseline [FEV.
For the 765 children for whom both tests were obtained, 76 of 152 (50%) children who were positive in the BHR test also responded to the SPT, and 76 of 208 (37%) children with a positive SPT also responded to the bronchial challenge.
The Phase II trials will study approximately 150 ragweed-allergic patients utilizing nasal, conjunctival and bronchial challenge methodologies.
Spirometric tests and bronchial challenges were performed in the Respiratory Laboratory.