bronchial challenge

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1. to administer a chemical substance to a patient for observation of whether the normal physiological response occurs.
2. in immunology, to administer antigen to evoke an immunologic response in a previously sensitized individual.
3. the administration of such a substance in order to assess for a response; called also provocation.
bronchial challenge (inhalational challenge) bronchial challenge test.

bronchial challenge, bronchial challenge test

a challenge test in which a nonspecific agent such as histamine or methacholine is applied to the bronchi and they are assessed for a bronchoconstriction reaction. Also called bronchial provocation. See inhalational challenge test.

bronchial challenge

Inhalation of antigens to detect allergic reactions; in a positive BC, the Pt's temperature and WBC count rise, and the FEV1, and FVC fall within 4–12 hrs of inhalation
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Bronchial challenge testing with ARIDOL should only be conducted by trained professionals under the supervision of a physician familiar with all aspects of the bronchial challenge test and the management of acute bronchospasm.
In the present study, methacholine challenge and induced sputum tests were performed 8 hr after the end of allergen bronchial challenge, approximately when the maximum airway inflammatory reaction to allergen occurs.
ARIDOL (mannitol inhalation powder) Bronchial Challenge Test Kit is a single-use, indirect test that is easy-to-administer, requires minimal preparation time and a 15% reduction in lung function from baseline for a positive test.
For the 765 children for whom both tests were obtained, 76 of 152 (50%) children who were positive in the BHR test also responded to the SPT, and 76 of 208 (37%) children with a positive SPT also responded to the bronchial challenge.
The ARIDOL Bronchial Challenge Test takes only about 20 minutes to administer for a positive test and requires a 15% reduction in FEV[1].
When approved, Aridol will be the first dry powder bronchial challenge test available in the U.
Upon approval healthcare professionals will have an easy-to-administer bronchial challenge test improving their ability to diagnose and assess patients with asthma," said Stephen Beckman, President, Pharmaxis, Inc.
There is currently no FDA approved dry powder bronchial challenge test available in the U.
Mr Ricardo Villar, President of Pulmocor said, "Founded in 1982, Pulmocor has a strong reputation for quality and excellence among respiratory specialists and brings many years of bronchial challenge testing experience to the promotion of Aridol.