bromphenol blue

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brom·phe·nol blue

(brom-fē-nol blū),
A substituted triphenylmethane dye (MW 670, pK 4.0), used as an acid-base indicator (yellow at pH less than 3.1, blue at pH more than 4.7); also used for histochemical and electrophoretic demonstration of proteins.
Synonym(s): bromophenol blue
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We also validated the method by assaying several serum samples with known autoantibody profiles in separate wells, and we added bromphenol blue to the spotting solutions to monitor for any failure in probe deposition.
PTMs did not stain with bromphenol blue for protein, and a Bradford assay indicated that only about 3.
Serum (1 [micro]L with bromphenol blue added as a visual marker) was separated by electrophoresis (12 g/L agarose, pH 8.
1 mmol/L dithiothreitol, 20 g/L SDS, 1 g/L bromphenol blue, 100 g/L glycerol] at 75[degrees]C for 10 min and run on a 4-12% polyacrylamide/ SDS gel (Invitrogen).