bromthymol blue

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brom·thy·mol blue

(brom-thī'mol blū),
A substituted triphenylmethane dye (MW 624, pK 7), used primarily as a hydrogen ion indicator (yellow at pH 6, blue at pH 7.6); also a weak but toxic vital stain.
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002 g Cane sugar 100 g KI 1 mg FeMo mixture 1 ml Bromothymol blue 2 ml 5 ml (0.
Different biochemical tests like congo red, bromothymol blue (BTB) and gram reaction were performed for these isolates.
Identification of Cryptococcus gattii by use of Lcanavanine glycine bromothymol blue medium and DNA sequencing.
The chromatogram was dried in order to remove the traces of formic acid and was sprayed with bromothymol blue solution prepared by dissolving 0.
Bromothymol blue and bromocresol purple as indicators of pH changes in chromatophores of Rhodospirillum rubrum.
were purified by dilution plating and identified by their morphologic and biochemical profiles, including development of blue color on L-canavanine-glycine bromothymol blue medium.