bromphenol blue

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brom·phe·nol blue

(brom-fē-nol blū),
A substituted triphenylmethane dye (MW 670, pK 4.0), used as an acid-base indicator (yellow at pH less than 3.1, blue at pH more than 4.7); also used for histochemical and electrophoretic demonstration of proteins.
Synonym(s): bromophenol blue
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F-cells stained positively in a darker blue with Mercuric Bromophenol Blue caused by the presence of proteins (Fig.
It can be observed that the edges of the lipid bodies react positively to the Bromophenol Blue, indicating the presence of proteins in this region of the droplet (Figure 2).
The system was run at 5 W per gel for the first 30 min followed by 12 W per gel for 6-7 h until the bromophenol blue line reached the bottom of the gels in the Ettan-Dalt II system (Amersham Pharmacia, San Francisco, CA, USA).
05% (w/v) bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF] were added to each PCR product and 5[micro]L of each was loaded in the gel.
Tissue sections (5 [micro]m) were stained with hematoxylin and eosin (Junqueira & Junqueira, 1983) and with bromophenol blue for detection of proteins (Pearse 1960).
Retention factor was calculated based on the migration of protein per the migration of bromophenol blue.
0625M), SDS (2%), Mecaptoethanol (5%), Glycerol (10%), Bromophenol blue (5%), pH6.
base, 2 ml of 10% SDS, 1 ml Glycerol, 2 mg Bromophenol blue, 25 [micro]l 2Mercaptoethanol).
Electrophoresis was carried out at constant current of 2 mA/cm using electrode buffer until the bromophenol blue marker head reached the bottom of the gel.
25% of bromophenol blue and 60% of glycerol) was added to the each sample, which were analyzed by electrophoresis (4h at 90 V) in agarose gel (1.