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To combine with bromine or with a compound containing bromine.
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Stroka J, von Holst C, Anklam E and Reutter M Immunoaffinity column cleanup with liquid chromatography using post-column bromination for determination of aflatoxins in peanut butter, pistachio paste, fig paste, and paprika powder: collaborative study.
Its core competencies include bromination, fluorination, oximation and organometallic chemistry (Grignard reaction).
PBDEs were produced as mixtures of bromination content and called penta-, octa-, and deca-BDEs, with one of the major congeners in the penta-BDE mix being 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-47) (Alaee et al.
6) have investigated the tack and green strength of BIMS rubber and its blends with reference to level of bromination, fillers, nature of rubber, and blend ration.
104) Synthesis, bromination and cure of isobutylene/isoprene/p-methylstyrene and isobutylene/isoprene/styrene terpolymers.
The chlorination reaction is quite rapid, taking no less than 15 seconds in comparison to bromination which is about five times slower.
Moreover, we were unable to determine the specific location of bromination and hydroxylation in dihydroxylated tetra-BDE and di-OH-tetrabrominated dioxin because of the limited amount of metabolite formed.
The monomers (compound (4) and (2a)) were prepared via such chemical reactions as alkylation, bromination, and Suzuki coupling reactions from the starting compound 2,5-dimethylphenol.
BIMS elastomers were prepared in the laboratory by free-radical bromination of the copolymers (ref.
The first four sections are concerned with ways of controlling reactivity by substrate and reaction choice, and by use of new techniques, such as use of microporous solids for catalysis or control of bromination reactions.
The earlier published results on reactivity ratios of 1,2-vinylic, 1,4-cis, and 1,4-trans double bonds in bromination reactions is ambiguous and several authors have reported different values [14, 15].