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the secretion of foul-smelling perspiration.


Fetid or foul-smelling perspiration. Apocrine bromhidrosis affects the axillae after puberty, and eccrine bromhidrosis is generalized, with excessive sweating.
Synonym(s): bromidrosis
[G. bromos, a stench, + hidros, perspiration]


Fetid or foul-smelling perspiration.
Synonym(s): osmidrosis.
[G. brōmos, a stench, + hidrōs, perspiration]


; bromhidrosis foul-smelling perspiration due to bacterial degradation of sweat (see Table 1)
Table 1: Treatment of hyperhidrosis and bromidrosis
Treatment rationaleModality
Reduction of local sweat flowTreatment of painful conditions (orthoses, footwear, correction of chronic foot strain)
Determination whether there is a systemic cause of increased sweating (e.g. hyperthyroidism; menopause; stress)
Prevention of sweat accumulation at skin surfacePersonal hygiene (washing, rotation of shoes, clean socks; use of antiperspirants; contrast foot baths)
Airing feet (sandals; cotton not nylon hose; leather not plastic shoes)
Absorbents (charcoal-containing insoles; allowing shoes to air thoroughly between wearing
Note: Foot powders do not absorb sweat, but do lubricate the skin
Reduction of the local effects of macerationTopical astringents
Counteraction of proneness to fungal and bacterial infectionsTopical antiseptics and fungicides
Treatment of associated minor skin pathologies• Blistering: weak iodine solution; 50:50 weak iodine and compound tincture of benzoin (TBCo); TBCo
• Moist fissuring: TBCo with 3% salicylic acid; industrial methylated spirit (IMS) with 3% salicylic acid
• Dry fissuring: reduction of local callosity; application of emollients