bromcresol purple

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brom·cre·sol pur·ple

(brom-krē'sol pŭr'pil),
A substituted triphenylmethane dye (pKa 6.3), practically insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol and dilute alkalies; used as an indicator of pH (yellow at pH 5.2, purple at pH 6.8).
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Ingredient Quantity Pancreatic digest of gelatin 10.0 g/L NaCl 5.0 g/L Bromcresol purple 0.02 g/L Distilled water 1,000 ml TABLE 3.
In the current study, the slightly higher albumin values obtained with the bromcresol green method compared with the bromcresol purple method are reflected in the reference intervals determined.
Discordant results in the measurement of serum albumin concentrations have long been recognized with various assays, including agarose gel protein electrophoresis (PEL), [4] bromcresol green (BCG), and bromcresol purple (BCP) (1,2).
The analytical methods used were as follows: for cTnT (plasma, urine), the Elecsys 2010 Immunoassay (Roche Diagnostics); for cTnI (plasma, urine), the Dimension RxL Immunoassay (Dade Behring); for creatinine (plasma, urine), a modified Jaffe reaction (Dade Behring) on a Dimension RxL; for albumin, a bromcresol purple (BCP) dye-binding method (Dade Behring) on a Dimension RxL; for [alpha]1M, an immunoturbidimetric assay (Roche Diagnostics) on a Hitachi 911; for creatine kinase (CK) and CK isoenzyme MB (CK-MB) in plasma, modifications of the ultraviolet enzymatic and the immunoinhibition methods, respectively, on a Dimension RxL; and for albumin and [alpha]1M in urine, an immunoturbidimetric assay (Roche Diagnostics) on a Hitachi 911.