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An ex-employer of the brokerage house said it shared a deep nexus with Exential.
Thus, although the brokerage house is not directly exposed to investment risk, it faces the risk of losing reputation and clients, should its advice turn out to be wrong too often.
have already launched securities business by purchasing brokerage houses, but Yahoo Japan has opted for now to join hands with established brokerage houses.
Not everybody is so bullish on bonds, says Luis Alejandro Corao Pulgar, executive president of Intervalores, a brokerage house specializing in stocks.
Many brokerage houses offering direct dial-up connections also can be accessed via commercial Internet providers.
In this way, the uninvested funds are in the investor's control, not in a money market fund determined by the brokerage house.
As Abacus took quite a bit of time to enter the online trading space, Franco said the brokerage house would like to do this correctly.
Islamabad -- The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has filed a criminal complaint against a leading brokerage house for indulging in price manipulation activity called 'spoofing'.
Based on an investigation spanning 2014 and 2015, the SECP found that a brokerage house and some of its clients were involved in price manipulation of a number of scrips by way of placing large number of non-bona fide orders of small quantity in preopen session, placement of buy orders at upper lock in preopen session and subsequently cancelling the buy orders placed in preopen session right at the start of the trading session, thereby creating artificial trading activity.
He has a vast experience in running and successfully managing a brokerage house.
Amwal Investment, another brokerage house, also downed shutters last year.