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said of wool in a fleece which is coarser than normal for the class of sheep.

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Q. Would anybody be interested in a workshop in holistic pulsing. Benefits are wide spread for many conditions Holistic pulsing is a simple technique that has many benefits for a wide variety of problems. What is nice about the technique is that it is easy and fast to learn. I have helped people with headaches, back problems, breathing problems, assisted in relieving pain for people with severe cancer etc. Would like to put together some workshops for anybody interested in learning. Good for nurses, bodywork people and any lay person that wants to benefit family and friends. You can look it up on the internet or contact me with any questions. Etan

A. Will these workshops be held someplace or on-line?

Where do you practice your technique?

Q. I am looking for an Enterprise-wide Hospital Management Software to run a tertiary level of care Hospital. The software should be an ERP taking into account all the hospital's operation from reception to admission, tranfer, to discharge, including facility management, account department operations to house keeping and Human Resources Management

A. Not really my field, but googling would give you plenty of results, and this one ( might be a good place to start your search.

Also, here ( you can find a list of open source healthcare software you may find usefull.


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section] 251, so long as an intervening reissue that demonstrated intent to broaden was filed within the two-year period.
Peck: What, specifically, is CLTC doing to broaden the debate along the lines you've suggested?
We are very excited about this move because it broadens us in three ways," says company chairman and CEO Thomas Burrell.
The telecommunications titan said that its broadband extension will broaden to rural homes and businesses in the state that don t have availability to these services.
This bold initiative will broaden, diversify and ultimately strengthen the U.