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70s, the rules of

A mnemonic for CNS tumors
70s, rule of
General 70% are primary CNS neoplasms, 70% of primary CNS neoplasms are glial, 70% of primary glial tumors are astrocytomas; 70% of astrocytomas are high grade
Children 70% of tumors arise in the posterior fossa, 70% of those occurring before age 2 are medulloblastomas; 70% of supratentorial tumors are craniopharyngiomas
Adults 70% are in the hemispheres, 70% of those in the pineal region are germinomas, 70% of those in the pituitary gland are adenomas, of which 70% are chromophobe adenomas
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* The Committee on Broadcasting recommends a new authority to replace the BBG.
We discuss how baseball from a broadcasting standpoint has such a local flavor to it, much more than football or basketball.
He said the real control lay not in Scotland or Westminster but with a few broadcasting organisation chiefs.
When broadcasting to whitecollar offices -- banks, doctors, engineers, etc.
The abundance and the diversity of local radio outlets in the early heyday of broadcasting - before the advent of commercial networks - resulted in more African American radio programming during the Jazz Age than during the Depression.
The Carnegie Commission Report of 1967, the founding document of the public broadcasting system as it exists today, defined its intended role:
In fact Scannell and Cardiff argue that these programs represent the most critical contribution the regions made to British broadcasting.
The commercialization of broadcasting solutions based on ATSC 3.0 will give rise to new services such as personalized advertisement and in-vehicle terrestrial TV broadcasting and map updates.
24 April 2018 - Australia-based technical production partner NEP Group, supporting content producers of live sports and entertainment, has acquired New Zealand-based outside broadcast and studio provider NZ Live, giving NEP entry into the New Zealand broadcasting market, the company said.
Citing some sections of the code, the minister said that broadcasting should set the agenda for the social, cultural, economic, political and technological development of a nation, for the public good''.
Du has signed an agreement with Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), operator of popular channels like CNN and Cartoon Network, for providing a one-stop-shop for its broadcast needs in the Middle East.
TOKYO -- ISDB-Tmm has been adopted in Japan as one of the standards for nationwide mobile multimedia broadcasting. Aimed at viewers across the country, broadcasting using this standard is scheduled for deployment after 24 July 2011, when the current analogue TV broadcasting shuts down.

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