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70s, the rules of

A mnemonic for CNS tumors
70s, rule of
General 70% are primary CNS neoplasms, 70% of primary CNS neoplasms are glial, 70% of primary glial tumors are astrocytomas; 70% of astrocytomas are high grade
Children 70% of tumors arise in the posterior fossa, 70% of those occurring before age 2 are medulloblastomas; 70% of supratentorial tumors are craniopharyngiomas
Adults 70% are in the hemispheres, 70% of those in the pineal region are germinomas, 70% of those in the pituitary gland are adenomas, of which 70% are chromophobe adenomas
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Toshiba is one of the few companies able to offer integrated solutions for digital broadcasting systems extending from studio systems to broadcasting and transmissions systems.
Chapter 9 Broadcasting & Cable TV in Germany 79
ALPS is developing radio frequency (RF) products for digital terrestrial broadcasting for cellular phones and automobiles, which is expected to gain popularity in Japan ahead of the rest of the world.
WRAL's parent company, Capitol Broadcasting, an industry pioneer, was the first commercial company in the nation licensed to broadcast the high definition (HDTV) television signal.
After examining multiple automation systems, we concluded that AIRO offers the best combination of reliable performance, ease of use and future scalability," stated Robert Harrison, Vice President and Director of Engineering for Young Broadcasting Inc.
However the authors succeed in arguing that regional broadcasting differed markedly from the national program, broadcast from London.
This is achieved through the unique implementation by Penthera of the patented Digital Fountain([R]) DF Raptor[TM] algorithms, which intelligently fills in any lost data packets, or "holes", inadvertently introduced into media during content broadcasting.

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