metatarsus latus

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met·a·tar·sus la·'tus

deformity caused by sinking down of the transverse arch of the foot.
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metatarsus latus

A broadened forefoot caused by separation of the metatarsal heads.
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met·a·tar·sus la·tus

(met'ă-tahr'sŭs lā'tŭs)
Deformity caused by sinking down of the transverse arch of the foot.
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References in classic literature ?
Besides," thinks I,"look at it once; why, the end of it --the foot part --what a small sort of end it is; whereas, if a broad footed farmer kicked me, there's a devilish broad insult.
Newman and Barry Broad foot, no one would read Canadian history.
Referee Craig Thomson had his first big decision to make after 11 minutes whenhe ruled Kirk Broad foot had pushed Celtic keeper Artur Boruc into the net as they contested a high, looping ball.
Kirk Broad foot put in a great ball right at the end and unfortunately there were no takers.
Kenny Miller should be up front on his own, with Fletcher on the right and Shaun Maloney on the left of Scott Brown, Paul Hartley and Barry Robson, while Craig Gordon picks himself in goal behind, Kirk Broad foot, Gary Caldwell, David Weir and Gary Naysmith.
"My lugs are ringing!" said Broad foot. "It was unbelievable, but, if I'm picky, he should have put it across the keeper!
In came Broad foot for his maiden international outing, and it paid off.
The gamble paid off when Broad foot grabbed the opener to ease the pressure before Barry Robson doubled the advantage from the rebound of a saved James McFadden penalty.
But Rangers remain strong favourites for the Scottish Cup and slim favourites for the Clydesdale Bank Premier League title and Broad foot insists the focus must now turn to events at home.
Broad foot said: "Dunfermline were getting a bit cocky.
They will know the Broad foot family, who have been helping my research.
He said: "I think George has handled himself brilliantly in the face of the rows over the Macedonia result and his comment about Kirk Broad foot having limited ability.