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Paul, French physician, 1796-1881. See: Briquet ataxia, Briquet disease, Briquet syndrome.
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Density Equation of Bio- Coal Briquette and Quality of Maize Cob in Thailand, American J of Applied Science, 5(12): 1808-1812.
Place the mold under the frame and secure the jack between the crossbar and the briquette mold.
Briquette production at the Brikel plant in the southern Bulgarian town of Galabovo has stopped due to halted coal supplies from the state-owned Maritsa Iztok Mines.
The relaxation of the briquettes varied from 1.569 [+ or -] 0.12 ([B.sub.1]) to 2.691 [+ or -] 0.07 ([B.sub.5]) for the five studied binder levels (Figure 2).Thedifference in the relaxation ratio of briquette at the different binder proportions was significant (P < 0.001).
The briquettes will be sold to biomass plants, coal burning facilities and cement kilns, Camara said.
[USPRwire, Wed Jul 24 2019] Global Coal Briquette Box Market Overview Coal briquette boxes are protective packaging solutions that offer protection to fragile or vulnerable coal by keeping them in a fixed position inside the outer case.
WEIMA briquette presses use pressure (not adhesives) to compress dust or shavings into small, hockey-puck-shaped briquettes.
The lower the friability rate, the more resistant the briquette. It is likely that such behavior is related to the good conformation of the particles of the material, being juxtaposed to each other in a more organized manner, during the formation of the briquette (Dias Junior et al., 2014).
They have turned to producing wood briquettes from tree branches, reducing the felling of trees while also making a product they hope could interest supermarkets and help lift hundreds of families out of poverty.
ISLAMABAD -- Whoever uses our briquettes once, he or she becomes our permanent customer, said Anwer Aziz Khan, founder of a briquette manufacturing company.