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Paul, French physician, 1796-1881. See: Briquet ataxia, Briquet disease, Briquet syndrome.
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Lighting a briquette is somewhat technical but once lit, it gives a constant heat up to two hours, with very less emissions, Khan demonstrated.
s process to produce Eco-Tac fuel briquettes, a solid biomass fuel substitute made from common elements of post-recycled refuse.
Once compressed for at-least 10 minutes, the cylindrical shaped contents were removed from the cylinder by moving the bottom perforated plate by means of an ordinary car jack which ensured the slow and integrated removal of the resulting coal briquette.
The Brikel Thermal Power Plant (TPP) and the briquette plant of the Maritsa Iztok complex are located in the vicinity of the flooded territory.
Briquetting is a process of transforming loose material into the solid material, called briquette.
For briquette quality control, the physical parameters, such as density, moisture content and compressive strength, were found to be the best indicators of the quality [6].
As time went on, the use of organic briquette was revitalized due to high energy prices in the 1970s and early 1980s mainly for industrial heating in U.
9m) A series registered coupon bonds of Ukrainian briquette producer Briket.
According to Dave Sheaks, plant manager at the AACOA extrusion facility, the briquette machine has contributed more than just monetary gains.
Publicly listed coal mining company PT Bukit Asam has set aside Rp 519 billion to build three briquette factories in Serang, Semarang and Gresik.
SPRINGFIELD - Fire ignited in a charcoal briquette factory warehouse on Monday evening, sending smoke billowing across Highway 126.