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Briony, who now lives in Wyken after moving from Willenhall, said she was surprised by the discovery.
Before starting her diet, Briony gorged mostly on chocolate and pizza.
Briony's life story to a closure, for the aging writer suffers from
| Briony Davies can be contacted at
Briony has completed her yoga teacher training and is now seeking to share her passion with others.
"During my time at the Creative Residency I feel that I have gained so much knowledge about the way in which photographs can convey complex ideas," Coltness pupil Briony said.
Dad Edwyn said: "Briony got the notion that the Queen had the largest diamond in the world in her crown and announced that she was going to write to her and ask her.
However, a small notice on the firm's website under its latest news section says: "That's all folks..." John and Briony Holliday first opened Sausage Emporium towards the end of 2013 in a converted railway arch near Central Station.
Identify the nationalities of all 28 subjects - one from each country in the European Union - and you will be rewarded with the admiration of Briony Kapoor, organiser of the exhibition 'A Portrait of Europe.'.