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Harry E., 20th-century U.S. proctologist. See: Bacon anoscope.


A cured meat from pigs and hogs, which usually has veins of white fat running through it.

Health effects
• Every 2 rashers/slices of bacon per day increases the risk of pancreatic cancer by 19% (based on a meta-analysis which pooled 11 studies involving 6000 patients).
• Increased risk of COPD, likely due to the sodium nitrite which is used as a preservative in pork products.
• Heart disease and diabetes—here linked to chemical preservatives
• Trichinosis—caused by Trichinella spiralis, a roundworm, the larvae of which encyst in muscle.

The first step involves soaking in brine or dry packing, followed by boiling or smoking.


A chemotherapy regimen for patients with inoperable non-small cell carcinoma of the lung, consisting of:
• Bleomycin;
• Adriamycin-doxorubicin;
• Oncovin (vincristine); and
• Nitrogen mustard.
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There is and never has been anything wrong with rewarding successful business people handsomely for bringing home the bacon.
While there, every one will emphasize his or her role in bringing home the bacon to local interests who benefit.
So next time you sit down to a traditional English breakfast think about where you are bringing home the bacon from.
lA fantastic finish to the Prix Jacques le Marois at Deauville, with less than a length covering the first seven and Radetzky (Clive Brittain/Willie Carson) nearly bringing home the bacon as he beats all but Gravelines (Angel Penna/ Yves Saint-Martin).
But as ideas about masculinity evolved-not just bringing home the bacon but cooking it too-the consensus on what made a man dissolved.
This time around the women are bringing home the bacon and the men are at home frying it up.