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A hair coat color in which there is a uniform mixture of gray or tawny hairs with others of white or black; a composite color. Usually results in a black tiger stripe pattern on tan background; governed by the e allele at the extension locus.
[diminutive of O.E. brinded]
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While pale brindled beauties probably tolerate most weather conditions, the recent mild spell has brought out a whole host of wild creatures.
Witnesses of the frenzied assault said the man and his pet were set upon by a large white English bull terrier and a brindled Stafford bull terrier and no attempt was made by the dog owners to prevent the attack.
McEwan depicts World War II France as a wasteland, a world deprived of birdsong (224), in which boys' legs replace leaves (180) and once fertile fields are littered with "fragments of flesh, bone and brindled skin" (201; see Ingersoll 251).
when you scooped up a grey-black scrap of brindled kitten
There, in all its scruffiness, sat a gray brindled dog two steps away.
It nestled in the far corner of his bedroom, flattened against the ceiling, like a strip of fungus, brindled beige and black.
The brindled red and gray dog eating the air above the line of
(12) In this illustration, A's brindled pricing is above its total average variable cost for both products in the brindle, shampoo and conditioner.
Brindled as a "sweetener" with the legislation that created a $700 billion federal "bailout" of the distressed financial sector, the parity provisions do not actually mandate that plans provide coverage of mental health or substance abuse benefits.
And there is more to be brindled in: even as Charles was announcing V6, the group was acquiring Engineous Sol, ware, a developer of simulation software for process automation, to be integrated into the V6 platform.
Around and around the sandy track she would run, a blur of brindled brown with four white stockings.
Brindled Hide Rug ($675), throw pillows (price upon request), and round wooden tray ($125) from Lime Stone (see above).