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Brindle, who lives with his parents in their pounds 250,000 North London flat, got a job at posh estate agents Hugh Grove Associates in Islington last year.
Mr Brindle sued the Metropolitan Police for taking risks with his life.
He added that being diagnosed with epilepsy, as Brindle, 70, was in 2009, was not uncommon in men of his age.
But Brindle said: "It's hard to say if it is a must-win.
Said Brindle (pictured right): "It really was the only date we had available on which we could realistically host this event.
And self-effacingly for such a high-achiever, Mr Brindle contends: "I always found the biggest challenge was being able to do the job when I was promoted to it.
She is a cross Staffordshire breed with white and brindle colouring.
Mr Brindle said after consultations with Natural England, the developers plan to use one of the hall's turrets as a bat sanctuary, as well as designing the roof of the new driving range to accommodate the bats.
A FUNERAL service for Bill Brindle, who died aged 71 after a prolonged battle against cancer last week, will take place at St Mary's Church in Newmarket at midday today.
PC Dawn Akrigg was one of the first officers on the scene when Nicholas Wilkinson attacked his one-year-old brindle Staffordshire bull terrier in Winwick Road, Warrington.
The brindle greyhound was placed in a holding kennel but it is thought the officer at the front desk who logged its details did not pass on the information.
Clare Connor's victorious side lost four quick wickets in their pursuit of the 75-run target, but Arran Brindle and Lydia Greenway held on for England's first Test win over Australia in since 1984.