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Richard, English internist and pathologist, 1789-1858. See: Bright disease.


A gene on chromosome 6q25.3 that encodes an AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein, which is highly expressed in the heart, skeletal muscle and kidneys. ARID1B is involved in transcriptional activation and repression of select genes by chromatin remodelling (by altering DNA-nucleosome topology). It belongs to the neural progenitors-specific chromatin remodelling (npBAF) and the neuron-specific chromatin remodelling (nBAF) complexes, which are involved in switching developing neurons from stem/progenitors to post-mitotic chromatin remodelling as they exit the cell cycle and become committed to their adult state.


term used to describe wool which is free from discoloration.
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After his Icelandic adventure, Bright embarked on his medical studies at Guy's Hospital in October 1810.
After graduation, Bright was off again on another excursion in 1814.
When Bright was appointed assistant physician to Guy's Hospital in 1820, research thrived in what was then called animal chemistry (today's clinical chemistry).
One of the most ready means of detecting albumen is the application of heat by taking a small quantity of urine in a spoon and holding it over a candle," Bright explained.
The founding brights maintain a Web site on which you can stand up and be counted.
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