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Richard, English internist and pathologist, 1789-1858. See: Bright disease.
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A gene on chromosome 6q25.3 that encodes an AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein, which is highly expressed in the heart, skeletal muscle and kidneys. ARID1B is involved in transcriptional activation and repression of select genes by chromatin remodelling (by altering DNA-nucleosome topology). It belongs to the neural progenitors-specific chromatin remodelling (npBAF) and the neuron-specific chromatin remodelling (nBAF) complexes, which are involved in switching developing neurons from stem/progenitors to post-mitotic chromatin remodelling as they exit the cell cycle and become committed to their adult state.
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But they have already provided a crucial puzzle piece for understanding galaxy formation by showing us that many, if not most, galaxies have low surface brightnesses.
They simply haven't been noticed because their surface brightnesses are very low -- typically 10 to 20 times dimmer per unit area than the Earth's darkest night sky.
The conclusions are also based on assumptions about how to estimate the intrinsic brightnesses of galaxies, which cannot be directly measured, from physical characteristics that can be measured, such as the rotation speeds within the galaxy.

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