brightness enhancement

enhancement, brightness

An increase in brightness resulting either from making a stimulus intermittent, or when a surface is surrounded by a dark area, as compared to when it is surrounded by a light area. See contrast; Brücke-Bartley effect.
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In addition, some other methods based on histogram equalization for contrast enhancement with brightness enhancement have also been proposed, such as the dynamic histogram specification introduced by Sun et al., which preserves the shape of the input image histogram but does not enhance it significantly [18].
The concerned components are the brightness enhancement films or BEFs used in the display.
Traditional histogram equalization distorts the brightness enhancement by invariably shifting output mean brightness to middle gray level.
The Optovision joint venture with Chimei Innolux Corporation created in 2004 to make optical films produces, has as its main product an HOE optical brightness enhancement film for LCD displays.
The Korean display and solar-market research and consulting firm attributed the MoM shipment decline in April to system makers' parts-inventory adjustment and the supply shortages of key components including DBEF (dual brightness enhancement film), driver IC, light guide plate (LGP), polarizer film.
Lenovo engineers were able to accomplish this by reducing the number of bulbs used in the system from four to two, while adding new brightness enhancement films to ensure greater operating performance.
The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of various types of optical films for LCDs, such as polarizers, retardation film- and brightness enhancement film-laminated polarizers, for which the company currently holds the top share of 55% in the world.
The new LightMat[R] Ultra-Brite[TM] Surgical Illuminator provides a brightness enhancement of more than 50 percent over the existing Ultra-Thin[TM] illuminator.
The display enhancement services include passive brightness enhancement via the addition of prismatic and reflective films, EMI/RFI shielding using conductive coatings and optical fine wire mesh and optical bonding of cover glass and ThermaKlear[TM] transparent heaters for LCDs.
He attributes this to the use of a second-generation beam-strengthening technique called brightness enhancement.
China Times also reported that Apple will be sticking to one layer of brightness enhancement film (BEF) in the LCD display instead of two.