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Richard, English internist and pathologist, 1789-1858. See: Bright disease.


A gene on chromosome 6q25.3 that encodes an AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein, which is highly expressed in the heart, skeletal muscle and kidneys. ARID1B is involved in transcriptional activation and repression of select genes by chromatin remodelling (by altering DNA-nucleosome topology). It belongs to the neural progenitors-specific chromatin remodelling (npBAF) and the neuron-specific chromatin remodelling (nBAF) complexes, which are involved in switching developing neurons from stem/progenitors to post-mitotic chromatin remodelling as they exit the cell cycle and become committed to their adult state.


term used to describe wool which is free from discoloration.
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Yet for Brighten the Corners, they actually developed some ideas about what they were going to record before they started recording it.
It brightens up the city, and anything that brightens up the place is good, because it doesn't really look like the Capital of Culture.
A carefully placed lamp can brighten a room - and perk up your mood as well.
This regimen is designed not to just brighten, but supporting products such as the gentle exfoliating cleanser and the non-greasy cream, boost the overall health of the skin.
ReGeniStem Brightening is the latest skin care active from Lonza designed to brighten skin and even skin tone without irritation.
these are Well Me 32, for and Boots Oil, to up to brighten This dissolving pores and making anti-ageing hydrate Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil, PS9.
Then, applying the Brightening Finish Powder in new Porcelain Pearl (PS40) on the high points of the face, will highlight and brighten the skin.
uk * BRIGHTEN things up with this blue and white Kavalkad saucepan from Ikea, priced pounds 4.
Not only does this brighten and banish dark circles, it also smoothes and plumps the eyelids.
DUDLEY Zoo's newsletter is on its way to south China by popular request to help brighten students' English lessons.
We'd like fun towels to brighten up the white suite, but I don't like character products.
Bulbs are being planted at railway stations throughout South Wales to brighten up the stations in the spring.