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1. Synonym(s): frenum
2. A band of fibrous material stretching across the surface of an ulcer or other lesion or forming adhesions between opposing serous or mucous surfaces.
[M.E. bridel]
References in classic literature ?
Then I will put thee on the right track mine own self," quoth Robin, and, taking the Sheriff's horse by the bridle rein, he led him into the main forest path.
This done, he disappears in the mist, with the bridle hanging loose, and the pony's nose to the ground, as before.
The guest made no remark upon this novel cure for drowsiness, and recipe for making people lively, but, with his hands clasped behind him, stood in the porch, very much amused to see old John, with the bridle in his hand, wavering between a strong impulse to abandon the animal to his fate, and a half disposition to lead him into the house, and shut him up in the parlour, while he waited on his master.
Winkle, who was still at the end of the bridle, at a rather quicker rate than fast walking, in the direction from which they had just come.
The walls were decorated with several hunting-whips, two or three bridles, a saddle, and an old rusty blunderbuss, with an inscription below it, intimating that it was 'Loaded'--as it had been, on the same authority, for half a century at least.
He threw the bridle over the fence and strode up the pathway.
Multitudes of drivers might howl in his rear, and passengers might load him with opprobrium, he would not awaken until some blue policeman turned red and began to frenziedly tear bridles and beat the soft noses of the responsible horses.
During his time at the yard, Lucky Bridle won twice and was placed in a couple of Listed heats as well as showing up well against a Group One-placed rival.
The field is headed by the 96-rated trio Castle Guest, Dark Crusader and Lucky Bridle, the last-named making his Irish Flat debut after a winter over hurdles.
During his time at that yard, Lucky Bridle showed potential in winning twice and being placed in two Listed heats as well as showing up well against a Group One-placed rival.
PIQUE Sous may not have been quite ready for the John Smith's Northumberland Plate but Lucky Bridle can prove an able deputy for Willie Mullins in the handicap feature at Newcastle.
Lucky Bridle also showed up well when only narrowly beaten on a Flat outing last month, finding it all happening a bit quick before staying on with purpose to be beaten just half a length over 10 furlongs.