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Drug slang A regional street term for 1 kg of marijuana, or a similarly packaged unit of crack cocaine
Sports medicine An episode of one form of endurance exercise followed by another, used in endurance multisports—e.g., duathlons and triathlons; often the individual sports are practised separately and raced jointly; a brick stacks one upon the other in training; the most common brick is a bike-run session and is used to help transition the legs from cycling to running
Virology Inclusion body A popular albeit non-specific term for a crystalloid structure corresponding to packed viral particles within host cells
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The alternatives would be to add an addendum to an existing bricks-and-mortar franchise agreement or incorporating the truck-specific terms directly into the traditional franchise agreement.
Bricks-and-mortar companies want to develop or introduce a more comprehensive measurement system, enhance their analysis capabilities and establish what really drives business performance, and link pay to performance.
Insurers don't have to abandon traditional "bricks-and-mortar" business in favor of a pure online venture or jump with both feet into uncharted territory.
Still, the environment has been altered in such a way that bricks-and-mortar companies must rethink their own enterprises.
universities, bricks-and-mortar companies increasingly scoop the cream of the crop from the Latin American universities.
Over the past four years it has transformed itself into an Internet company--it manages more than 40% of total online assets, more than double that of its closest rival--with a bricks-and-mortar base of more than 350 branches.