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A regional term for a place where drugs are produced, usually in so-called kitchen labs
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That's how Rhymney Brewery began and 120 years later it took over Cardiff's 19th-century Ely Brewery after absorbing another old favourite, Crosswell's Cardiff Breweries as well as the Taff Vale Brewery in Merthyr.
Nigerian Breweries said, The two Sona Systems breweries in Ota and Kaduna as well as Life s brewery in Onitsha have become part of the Nigerian Breweries family.
South Asia Breweries, based in New Delhi, is owned by Carlsberg (45%), the Danish Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries (10%) and a group of investors (45%) led by The Lion Brewery Ceylon Ltd.
He arrived as CEO in December 2004 with an impressive 40-year career in the beverage industry and a reputation for being a co-packing whiz with a particular knack for reviving moribund breweries.
However, writing and drawings from the site tip the scale toward breweries, she says.
Among other agreements, Asahi Breweries will farm out production of its happoshu to Orion Breweries' plant in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture.
The large-scale Pacific Western Breweries sells an organic beer called NatureLand, which is made with Bavarian-grown hops and Rocky Mountain spring water.
The mini-beer festivals boast three bars and a whopping 13 pumps, serving Saltaire brews as well as ales from guest breweries.
But they waited until 1929 before becoming a brewery in its own right, trading as Andrew Buchan's Breweries Ltd, named after the man who'd run the ironworks brewery until 1869.
He boasts a healthy track record of reviving shuttered breweries and putting them back into production, including Hamilton's Lakeport Brewery.
SABMiller has interests in 30 Chinese breweries and a 49 percent stake in China Resources Breweries Ltd.
The Danish brewery group Carlsberg Breweries A/S is rumoured to be one of the potential buyers of a 21% stake in the Chinese brewery Guandong Brewery.