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The supposed aboriginal stocks must all have been rock-pigeons, that is, not breeding or willingly perching on trees.
What we want to stop is the uncontrolled strays and the uncontrolled, unwanted breedings.
Requirements for show dogs and purebreds include competition in at least one event in the past year, a title from a purebred dog registry or the owner's participation in a purebred breeding club that enforces a code of ethics for breeding.
Many cases of unsuccessful breedings are the result of the inability to determine the optimal time to breed.
OPTIMATE(TM) is an easy to use, urine-based test that will allow dog breeders to confirm, at-home, that ovulation has occurred and that it is appropriate to proceed with their planned, natural breeding.
We are very pleased that the Breedings chose The Minneapolis Foundation as a way to give back to their community.