breeding season

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breeding season

the period of the year during which the female comes into reproductive condition.


1. pedigree.
2. the physical act of mating.
3. capable of being used for reproduction.
4. controlled propagation of animals or plants.

artificial breeding
breeding bitch
a sexually entire bitch to be used for breeding.
breeding bulls
bulls used for paddock mating.
close breeding
controlled breeding
1. the animals are mated in such a way that the offspring can be guaranteed to be the progeny of the animals concerned, the number of matings can be counted and the use of the animals for breeding is tightly controlled. See also hand mating.
2. controlled mating in that the occurrence of the estrus cycle, the probability of ovulation and fertilization and the termination are controlled by manipulation of the dam's internal hormonal environment.
breeding display
behavior likely to attract an animal of the opposite sex to mate. Used almost exclusively in relation to birds.
breeding examination
postpartum examination of cow to ascertain readiness for next mating; includes rectal examination of uterus and ovaries, vaginoscopic examination, possibly sample of cervical mucus for laboratory examination; in bulls the examination is for breeding soundness.
breeding herds
herds used for breeding in contrast to fattening herds.
breeding history
lifetime history of all events in a female's reproductive history, including postpartum and pre-mating examinations.
breeding injuries
incurred during mating and as a result of it. Examples are penile hematoma and vaginal rupture.
line breeding
breeding of animals with the same blood lines but not closely related.
optimal breeding time
the time during the estral period when a mating is most likely to be fertile.
breeding organizations
bodies which advise on and assist in breeding programs, e.g. artificial insemination and embryo transfer centers, cow evaluation and mating advisory services, breed society classification programs, dairy herd improvement programs and the like.
breeding problems
see abortion, mummification, stillbirth, no visible estrus, failure to conceive.
breeding programs
arrangement of matings on a farm to produce the desired effect in terms of cows in milk at a particular season, lambs being born when the weather is most clement, lowering the micron count of the wool by mating ewes with a low micron ram and so on.
pyramid breeding system
see pyramid breed structure.
breeding record
see breeding history.
breeding season
those parts of the year in which animals mate. This may be artificially arranged by humans. In animals that are not controlled there are periods of the year when they are more sexually active.
breeding soundness
the ability of the animal to mate and to initiate reproduction. In agricultural animals where the objective is to limit the number of sires, breeding soundness also embraces the ability to mate effectively on a large number of occasions over a brief period of time.
breeding soundness examination
conducted on behalf of intending vendors and purchasers, or before a limited breeding season in which high reproductive efficiency is desired. Should include perusal of results of previous reproductive performance, physical examination of the animal, especially of the genitalia, collection and examination of samples where these are an integral part of an examination for specific diseases of reproduction, e.g. blood test for brucellosis, preputial or vaginal swab examination for campylobacteriosis, and in the male a collection and examination of semen and a serving capacity test. The latter has not received universal acceptance, at least not in the form in which it is presently performed.
breeding stock
livestock used for breeding.
breeding wheel
a system of recording reproductive events on a disk which rotates once each year. The relationship between the expected calvings, the number of infertile matings and the required milk flow and feed need is readily understood from the overall pattern on the disk.
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We're hopeful these nest sites will prove attractive to the birds for their breeding season which runs from April to August and we hope to see the population continue to grow and recover in Scotland.
The package was available to farmers for last year's breeding season and will be continuing this year.
During breeding season, progesterone impregnated intra-vaginal sponge treatment combined with PMSG is commonly used (Holtz, 2005).
Passive acoustic recording allows for continuous monitoring during the breeding season, even when individuals are calling underwater.
The meeting also decided to request district administration to impose ban on sale and purchase of fish from March to June, the breeding season of fish.
Average testicular weight during breeding season also showed no significant difference from that in non-breeding season (t = 0.
Otherwise we should show tolerance through the breeding season, not least because they are just being good parents, and six of the seven gull species are in decline.
He said that now the breeding season had ended, so the authority decided to start issuing licenses for angling.
Catt also cares for the only two giant pandas in the Southern Hemisphere and said juvenile pair Wang Wang and Funi were improving each breeding season, keeping staff optimistic a successful breeding season was just around the corner.
It gets lots of visitors and will have even more now because of the film crew but I do wonder if it's an appropriate time of the year to be doing this, right in the middle of the breeding season.
Labuschagne said the centre is expecting five more births before the season ends, making this year the most successful breeding season for the species.
Building on the work of previous breeding seasons the department of arts, heritage and the gaeltacht now invites tenders for the provision of seabird wardening and monitoring services for rockabill spa over the course of the 2014 breeding season.