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Selected mating of individuals to produce a strain that is desirable or of scientific interest.
See also: hybridization, linebreeding, inbreeding.
[breed, fr. M.E. breden, fr. O.E. brēdan, + -ing]
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Genetics The process of generating progeny, understood to be non-primates; the raising or improving of domestic animals
Sociology A term referring to one’s upbringing, training, nurture, education, manners, descent, pedigree, extraction, gentility
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Patient discussion about breeding

Q. What kind of dogs are considered "low allergy" breeds? My son really wants a dog and I am allergic. Not severely but... Promised to look into getting a low allergy one. Appreciate any info including how to source free/low cost as money is tight.

A. Take in mind that there are also other criteria for choosing a dog. Some of them need special grooming and some aren't really great with kids, but you can check out these breeds and more at www. As for myself, I have had several Bichon Frises, and they can be great with kids and other pets, and they are hardy and very, very intelligent!! They arent too big either! Good luck on your hunt!

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For genomic breeding programs, the cost of genotyping was assumed to be $120 per pig based on the aforementioned study conducted by Akanno et al.
"B 754 was an advanced selection in ARS's Beltsville breeding program in the 1980s and 1990s.
The main objective in selective breeding programs is to balance genetic gains and inbreeding.
An ambitious new large-scale breeding program set on mainland Australia hopes to save the iconic Tasmanian devil from extinction, according to its coordinators.
However, consumer tests indicate that the flavor of Black Diamond is good, but not as popular as the flavor of the Marionberry--a hybrid caneberry developed by the USDA-ARS breeding program. It is a cross between the Chehalem and Olallie berries.
An additional advantage of the incorporation of MAS into breeding programs is that very different types of traits, e.g.
The company has 10 breeding programs globally that continue to advance cotton genetics.
Today, active vegetable breeding programs at agricultural experimental stations and land-grant universities have largely been abandoned and continue to rapidly decline.
It also advises captive breeding programs and, in a few cases, supports field-based management or research on wild elephants.
Officers of the two firms said that combining both existing breeding programs will allow the HBC to draw from a much wider pool of germplasm and speed up the development of new varieties.
This report emphasizes the importance of adequate protection against infectious diseases for the successful outcome of captive breeding programs of endangered species.
To achieve this, yabby farmers need to engage in selective breeding programs to ensure continuity of quality and supply.