breathing work

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breathing work

the energy required for breathing movements. It is the cumulative product of the instantaneous pressure developed by the respiratory muscles and the volume of air moved during a breathing cycle.


in the context of farm animals work includes, besides the force times distance produced by the working or racing horse or dog, the caloric equivalent of such work measured as egg, milk, wool or meat production.

breathing work
breathing requires an energy utilization to overcome the resistance of the airway to air flow, repositioning of organs, the elasticity and surface tension forces in the respiratory system.
work efficiency
gross efficiency is the ratio of the caloric equivalent of work accomplished to the total energy metabolism. The gross work efficiency of muscular work by horses is about 25%, of milk production about 30%.
work potential estimation
estimation of the ability of a racehorse to perform work is an exercise in applied physiology but a satisfactory set of techniques has not yet been enunciated.
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And now the American Heart Association (AHA) reports that CPR without rescue breathing works as well as or better than the full version in most people who suffer cardiac arrest.
First author Dan Huh, a Wyss technology development fellow at the Institute, said: "We were inspired by how breathing works in the human lung through the creation of a vacuum that is created when our chest expands, which sucks air into the lung and causes the air sac walls to stretch.
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