breathing tube

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Ifan's been taken off the ventilator and had the breathing tube removed
Tenders are invited for 3 M Tm L Series Helmet With Vortex Cooling Air Line System Consists Of 3 M Tm L-905-Helmet With Welding And Face Shield - 1 No, 3M Tm Breathing Tube L-122 - 1 Qty-1 No, 3 M Tm Vortex Cooling Assembly V-100 - Qty -1 No, 3M Tm Air Line Hose W-9435- 50 Ft Length Qty - 1 No
They put him on a breathing tube because it helps give him good oxygen.
Val, who also starred in Top Gun, Heat, Tombstone and The Doors, had to repeatedly deny rumours last year that he had cancer after he was pictured with a hole for a breathing tube in his throat.
The small Alycaeidae land snails of Asia grow what looks like a tiny breathing tube curling partway along the outside of their shells.
Within minutes of being admitted he had fully shut down and had to be totally sedated by an anaesthetist, a breathing tube inserted and a multitude of drugs administered to save his life.
Aircraft Medical`s devices enable clinicians to see a patient`s vocal cords, allowing them to more quickly and effectively insert the breathing tube into the trachea.
This design eliminates the need for decontamination of the breathing tube or replacement parts by allowing the entire hood assembly to be disposed of after contamination.
A second source said he woke up after his breathing tube was removed.
The procedure replaces her breathing tube and is common for someone who has been on a ventilator for a long time as it stops bacteria entering the lungs.
ATLANTA (AP) -- Doctors have replaced Bobbi Kristina Brown's breathing tube with a tube usually used for patients who need to be on a ventilator for an extended period, a person close to the family said Thursday.
Tracheostomy is an opening surgically created through the neck into the windpipe to allow direct access to the breathing tube and is commonly