breathing component

breathing component,

n respiration as it relates to meditation and manual therapy, mainly through the techniques of observing, directing, and synchronizing the breath to more fully engage the mind and body connection.
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Replacing the breathing component of the homework with an additional 15 minutes of yoga solved the problem.
It involves taking a breath for a period of 410 seconds, holding the inhaled breath for a further 4-10 seconds, exhaling over a period of 6-12 seconds, and holding one's breath in the exhaled The second breathing component of Sudarshan kriya is Bhastrika.
You learn about the breathing component, and that helps you not only while you're doing Pilates but throughout the day.
But videotaped studies of standard CPR document that laypeople spend most of their time doing the assisted breathing component, not compressing the chest.
Guided Meditations are combined with relaxation and breathing components for a unique and complete meditative journey for listeners to explore and create their own healing.