breast engorgement

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1. distention of a body part or organ with blood or other fluids.
breast engorgement swelling of the breast due to an increase in blood and lymph supply as a precursor to lactation.

breast en·gorge·ment

(brest en-gōrj'mĕnt)
Condition in which maternal breasts become tensely swollen. This usually occurs on the third or fourth day postpartum. Management includes easing maternal discomfort and ensuring that baby feeds effectively.
[Fr. engorger, to fill to excess]
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Other than endometritis and single-day fever, the causes in this original sample included breast engorgement (9 patients), urinary tract infection (6 patients), transfusion reaction (6 patients), respiratory tract infection (5 patients), and episiotomy infection (5 patients).
13) These three questions address the clinical management of breast engorgement, the need for food supplementation if there is no milk letdown up to three days postpartum and the need for breastfeeding in regular periods of time.
Breast engorgement, urinary problems, and constipation are common, as are concerns about vaginal bleeding and discharge.
Prevention of nipple tenderness and breast engorgement in the postpartal period.
Breast pumps could be employed in conditions where the nursing mother is separated from the child for the feeding period, and/or medical conditions such as inverted or flat nipples, breast engorgements, and premature birth; these products are also an option for avoiding use of milk substitutes.