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Mastectomy may remain the option of choice in this environment, as its event-free survival compares favorably with that of the combination of breast conservation surgery and radiation therapy.
Some patients do not have the option of breast conservation.
2010; NCCN, 2011) Prognostic factors Precursor to invasive breast cancer in ipsilateral breast (Bland, 2011) Treatment Surgery Breast conservation surgery (BCT): lumpectomy with clear margins (Bland, 2011) Radiation Adjuvant radiation therapy following lumpectomy (Bland, 2011) Surveillance Surveillance every year for lifetime (and every 6 months for 5 years, and then annually post radiation if BCT); annual mammogram (NCCN, 2011) Selective Estrogen Receptor Follow up SERMs optional if Modulators (SERMS) estrogen-receptor positive (NCCN, 2011) Mastectomy Unilateral simple mastectomy or bilateral simple mastectomy (personal choice) (Bland, 2011) Classification of Lesion Lobular Carcinoma in situ Diagnosis Clinical presentation Asymptomatic clinically (Bland, 2011; Choi et al.
The study, published in the journal Cancer, revealed that women who had breast conservation surgery were 13 per cent more likely to survive the illness.
Breast conservation therapy in the United States following the 1990 National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference on the treatment of patients with early stage invasive breast cancer.
However, various studies (7,9,10) have showed that there is no significant difference in treat outcome in between mastectomy and breast conservation therapy(BCT) in patients where occult primary can be located after imaging.
4-7,12) We hypothesize that there are two main reasons for the decreased utilization of breast conservation in rural BC patients.
Obtaining negative surgical margins with breast conservation therapy for these tumors is often challenging.
The COMICE trial [2] in the UK attempted to address this in a structured manner and showed no additional benefit in utilising MRI to reduce re-excision rates after breast conservation surgery.
Breast conservation surgery was attempted in more-women in the prophylactic mastectomy group (28%, compared with 16%; P less than .
Explain the procedures of biopsy, breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy, segmental mastectomy), mastectomy, and bilateral mastectomies

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