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Q. What Is the BRCA Gene? We have a history of breast cancer in our family and my doctor advised me to get genetic testing for the BRCA gene. How is this gene related to breast cancer?

A. BRCA1 (breast cancer 1, early onset) is a human gene that belongs to a class of genes known as tumor suppressors, which maintains gene integrity to prevent uncontrolled proliferation (what causes cancer cells to develop). Variations in the gene have been implicated in a number of hereditary cancers, mainly breast, ovarian and prostate. The BRCA family of genes are known today to give a significant increased risk for breast cancer in families. A women should be tested if a number of women in her family have had breast cancer throughout their life, especially at a young age.

Q. How can genes cause breast cancer? We say genetics play a role in breast cancer but how is that possible …………I mean how can genes cause breast cancer?

A. Genes are the chemical entities and they can be changed of their set of structure inside a cell, when is exposed to radiation or any chemical through toxic food. Some genes like BRCA1 & 2 expanded as Breast Cancer 1 & 2 are helpful to prevent any cancer development of a single cell. These genes act as guards who prevent a cell to become cancerous. When anyone inherits this gene from parents and if they are defected they are also prone to breast cancer.

Q. can diet control breast cancer if the gene is supposed to be the cause of breast cancer?

A. No…I am sorry, it can`t. If it is radiation then diet cannot control. When we have exposure to toxic food and non toxic food where the free radical production is high, the free radical production can be controlled with the consumption of antioxidant rich food. Well it’s only a preventive step for the free radical rich food and not for the radiation induced cancer. Breast cancer is only treated with surgery and therapies. Diet plays a good role when your treatment is on, as it gives strength and overall wellbeing.

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When you carry the breast cancer gene, you have to have mammograms every six months, and it's almost as though you have a ticking timebomb inside you.
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