breaking point

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break·ing point

1. The point at which physical, mental, or emotional strength gives way under stress.
2. The point at which a condition or situation becomes critical.
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Fully 56% of the public says they have reached the breaking point on their state or property taxes compared to 51% who say this about federal taxes.
Data explosion drives networks (and system administrators) to the breaking point
The AutoZone Breaking Point Survey on consumer attitudes toward vehicle maintenance was based on a random sample of 886 adults who drove a vehicle on a regular basis.
And with the volume of patients increasing and reimbursement for uninsured patients shrinking, hospitals will soon be financially pushed beyond the breaking point, according to a report released Thursday by the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley.
CBI deputy director general John Cridland said: ``The existing system has been pushed to breaking point and progress is painfully slow.