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Separation into parts.


1. In orthopedics, a fracture.
2. To interrupt the continuity in a tissue or electric circuit or the channel of flow or communication.


a discontinuity, e.g. the change in coat color from puppies to adults.

wool break
horizontal bands of weakness in wool or haircoats may result in a 'break' in the wool and loss of the fleece, or a significant downgrading of its value. The weakness is usually the result of a period of disturbed metabolism, e.g. a severe attack of disease, or of poor nutrition.

Patient discussion about break

Q. How do I break it to my mother that I have infantile amnesia

A. i'de let the doctor that diagnosed me with infantile amnesia to tell it to my parents, he can explains to your mother exactly what it means,treatments all sorts..

Q. What are the reasons people break their diet? Recently I passed a screen test for a movie for the main role of heroin. There were 150 people who came for the test and only 13 got selected for various roles. The director suggested all thirteen of us to go on a diet to suit our characters. We were asked to come after dieting for a month. But to our surprise none of us showed any difference. The reason was we all broke our diets. What are the reasons that make people break their diet?

A. there's an aborigine tribe in Australia that it is a custom that the women feed their men for a month every year with "all you can eat" style. they eat much much more then they are used too. after that month , it doesn't take long until they come back to their normal size. that is because the body is not fooled so easily. his has it ways to leave you in your own weight. one of them is make it very very tough to maintain diet.

Q. is there like a big break through in the field of autism therapy and approaching?

A. there is a large amount of research on Autism. Social, neurological, psychiatric etc. today because of new imagine equipment there is better understanding of how our brain works (there are much more to be revealed but still). And there are breakthroughs all the time. You can get updated about research on the subject in this site:

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BEIRUT: March 14 Secretariat General Coordinator Fares Soueid held his second meeting with the Kataeb Party officials in Metn's Bikfaya Wednesday in an attempt to break the ice with the party.
But due to the frozen wet-lands in valley as it becomes difficult for them to find food for themselves, sensing the situations the wild-life authorities have started a drive to break the ice in the important circles of the wetlands in of Hokersar.
Have you ever wondered howto lower your cholesterol, tone up your inner thighs or break the ice on a first date?
The relaxed setting of the course can help break the ice, according to Schweyer.
You had Atmosphere to kinda break the ice at Epitaph for ya .
Men often break the ice with clients by telling jokes, but Briles says most women aren't wired that way.
I am so pleased that this great company is the one to break the ice with a short-cylinder .
Certainly there is a wealth of fascinating chemical and biological tidbits that are guaranteed to break the ice at a cocktail party.
Humor helps break the ice, too, as does clearing up staff misconceptions.
The author, Nigel J H Smith, uses the camera lens to break the ice with locals, which in turn enables him to probe deeply into their daily lives.