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I received a scholarship to go to Breadloaf, and my wife & I will be leaving in a couple of days.
There is, for example, a moment in a summer I spent at Breadloaf (the School of English, not the Writers' Conference).
And for you, hyearh's a canto--a sample of what I'm taking to (if invited) Breadloaf.
JLH: Although you began writing fiction before the Breadloaf Workshop, how did the Breadloaf experience contribute to your development as a writer?
Cheuse has probably read as much as anyone ever, and had the good fortune of a literary career that included studying at Rutgers under John Ciardi, working at Breadloaf with Frost and Ellison, and teaching with John Gardner and Bernard Malamud at Bennington.
During the time that Delany was finishing The Jewels of Aptor, working on the three volumes that make up The Fall of the Towers, and beginning The Ballad of Beta-2, much of his creative energy went into a 1,056-page non-SF novel: "besides The Jewels of Aptor, I also wrote another hundred or so pages on what I then considered my major project: that vast novel, planned at Breadloaf [1960], about poets, criminals, and folksingers loose in the streets of New York, Voyage, Orestes
A 2003 Breadloaf Writer, she is a fiction editor for Storyquarterly.
Were this to get out, Breadloaf and numerous other literary sleepaways would become ghost camps.
Vicki Forman's "memoir of premature motherhood" won top prize at the Breadloaf Writer's Conference.
He completed fellowship studies in literature at University College of the University of London and doctoral work in American Studies at the Breadloaf School of English in Vermont and the University of Maryland.
The first piece, "July," subtitled "She Has Some Potholders," has entries--apparently presented in chronological order--created during the author's summer class at Breadloaf in New Mexico.
In the act of imagining kinetic classrooms (and briefly raising the curtain on her own scene of writing at Breadloaf, Vermont), these concluding paragraphs also pose an alternative to concern with job placement and professional strategies that she finds worrisome among some younger North American contributors.