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Referring to a mass or appearance characterised by a rounded mass with multiple superficial bossellations, which has been likened to a mulberry or cluster of grapes
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Teeluck underlined that the activities aim at sharing the results of a series of research conducted on breadfruit with the various stakeholders and the public in general.
Here is a way of cooking those mysterious-looking breadfruit, which can be found in some supermarkets and all ethnic food shops or market vegetable stalls
They include a descendant of the original breadfruit tree brought from Tahiti by Captain William Bligh in 1793, to provide cheap food for the slaves who worked the Caribbean's sugar plantations.
of Western Australia) examines how writers are transitioning from stereotyped portrayal of strong women and weak men (a view encapsulated in the Creole proverb, "man is a breadfruit and woman is a chestnut," breadfruits tending to shatter when they fall to the ground from trees) to writings that reject categorization into simple stereotypes.
During the 30-minute journey to the Rainforest Canopy Adventure, our driver Neville had pointed out and stopped to show us - breadfruit and star fruit trees, mahogany, nutmeg and cinnamon trees, bamboo, and of course bananas, the island's second biggest industry after tourism.
ANSWERS: 1 Crevasse' 2 To bring back breadfruit saplings from the Pacific islands' 3 He led the Harpers Ferry raid in the cause of abolishing slavery in the United
Fighting off Chinese pirates was all in a day's work for plant collectors, one of the most famous of these, Captain Bligh, set adrift along with his precious cargo of breadfruit after Fletcher Christian and his crew mutinied on the Bounty.
Huge bags of flour and rice form haphazard aisles of their own, and freezers carry items like cassava root, breadfruit, and Fijian reef fish.
Pigtails 'n' Breadfruit, 1999: Random House of Canada (Canada); 2000: The New Press (USA); Ian Randle Publishers (U.
Mangoes, papayas, breadfruit, avocados and wild bananas are among the fruits pollinated by bats in the tropics, she says.
The native star apple tree coexists with the golden mango from India and the breadfruit tree from the Pacific.