Soup Kitchen

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A facility that provides meals for homeless and other disenfranchised persons
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With billions across the world living on the bread line this can mean starvation for many with the knock on effect of environmental loss as people struggle to survive.
I am living below the bread line now, if it was not for my mother helping me out - and she's a pensioner.
Pensioners were back to the bread line and "tick" shops resurfaced at an alarming rate, reminding us all of the pre-war days.
A report by the Campaign to End Child Poverty showed that after housing costs a couple with two small children is left with just pounds 225 a week, which puts them pounds 115 below the bread line.
Gormley's Bread Line, consists of a straight line of small, partially-eaten fragments of bread.
Mr Elliott hit back, saying employers were "alienating" their workforce and black mailing workers on the bread line by threatening redundancies and service cuts.
in their Tuscany Park bakery near Wakefield in 2005, it housed a high-output bread line and a roll line.