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A facility that provides meals for homeless and other disenfranchised persons
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In 2008, at least seven people died in fights in bread lines that formed because of shortages.
The day was brisk and wintry, and the Depression Bread Line's, figures, in their shabby overcoats, looked appropriately dressed.
On the bread line: Our reporter Matt Lloyd lived on pounds 1-a-day for five days.
I'M one of those working class Tories who don't believe Labour have our best interests at heart whilst those arty Liberals in the judiciary, in theatre, TV and film seem to favour Labour but have rarely been on the bread line.
Four MPs spent a week living in an inner city tower block to see what life's like on the bread line. The good news is that it has taught them a lot about poverty in this country.
The Labour government has forced millions of people to pay hundreds of pounds in income tax, keeping pensioners on the bread line and forcing people on benefits because working simply does not pay.
Pepperidge Farm's Artisan bread line and Pillsbury's Oven Baked range have effectively introduced the consumer to fresh-baked bread at home, while industry pioneer La Brea Bakery has filled in-store orders for years.
BREAD LINE: Nick Conway, who played Billy Boswell in Bread, back in Elswick Street, Dingle.
The source said the workforce now stood at around 250, after a recruitment drive over the past few months since the introduction of a new bread line.
In Africa there are always countries affected by famine, and much of the population of the continent lives on the bread line. The unequal distribution of world food supplies should concern us all.
Orlando introduced its True Grains bread line in 2011 with the rollout of Seed'licious, America's first probiotic bread.
With billions across the world living on the bread line this can mean starvation for many with the knock on effect of environmental loss as people struggle to survive.