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An infraction or violation of the law, which is either intentional (an act of commission) or unintentional (an omission).

See security breach

noun A term used in the context of time-dependent health care targets in the UK, in which a particular type of patient interaction with NHS health providers did not occur in the desired time frame. In A&E (casualty), patients must be seen within 4 hours, regardless of their level of acuity; any longer than 4 hours is regarded as a breach. For cancer targets, a patient is said to have breached when he/she has not been seen by an oncologist within 31 days of an urgent GP referral, or if definitive cancer therapy has not begun or at least been offered to the patient within 62 days of an urgent GP referral.

verb To have not begun definitive therapy for cancer within 62 days (as required by government cancer targets).


Medical malpractice The failure or alleged failure on the part of a physician or other health care provider to exercise ordinary, reasonable, usual, or expected care, prudence, or skill–that would usually and customarily be exercised by other reputable physicians treating similar Pts–in performing a legally recognized duty, resulting in forseeable harm, injury or loss to another; negligence may be an act of omission–ie, unintentional, or commission–ie, intentional, characterized by inattention, recklessness, inadvertence, thoughtlessness, or wantonness. See Adverse event, Comparative negligence, Contributory negligence, Gross negligence, Malpractice, Wanton negligence, Willful negligence. Cf Recklessness.
Negligence, required elements  
Duty A recognized relationship between Pt and physician
Breach Failure of a medical practitioner to practice in accordance with standard of care
Proximate cause The plaintiff must show that injury is reasonably connected to physician's action
Damages Plaintiff must show that alleged loss or damage has a quantifiable value such that a monetary payment can be made APLM 1997; 121:252


n action taken by one party in an agreement that serves to convince the other party that the terms of the contract will not be fulfilled. The faithful party may consider the contract canceled at that point.
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Analysis of 2001/2002 data supports the claims that Job Network Providers, Community Work Coordinators and Work for the Dole Providers--which are all third-party privatised agencies--recommend a significant number of breaches that are found to be unjust.
Higher education institutions continued to see a high proportion of breaches due to hacking or malware, with these accounting for 46% of industry breaches in the first half of 2015, up from 35% in 2015.
At the same time, malicious outsiders were the leading source of data breaches in the first half of 2015, accounting for 546 or 62% of breaches, compared to 465 or 58% in the first half of last year.
Identity theft remained the primary type of breach, accounting for 75 per cent of all records compromised and slightly more than half (53 per cent) of data breaches in the first half of 2015.
Of 498 breaches, only six of the affected entities reported they had either encryption or other strong security features in place protecting the exposed data.
The HBRT provides health care organizations and consumers with the ability to more easily review breaches reported to OCR, said Roger Severino, Director of OCR.
Banks and credit unions with less than $35 million in annual revenue accounted for 81 percent of hacking and malware breaches at financial institutions in 2016, a major increase over the 54 percent of incidents they represented in 2015.
According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 66% of breaches took months, sometimes even years to detect," John Peterson, vice president of enterprise products at Clifton, N.
Massive 53% of the data breaches were identity thefts while 22% were attacks to gain financial access.
4% of all breaches involved data when encryption or other strong protective measures were in place, and only 8.
IBM Security today announced the results of a global study exploring the implications and effects of data breaches on todays businesses.