breach of confidentiality

breach of con·fi·den·ti·al·i·ty

(brēch kon'fi-den'shē-al'i-te)
Unauthorized release of confidential information.
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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) called it an "outrageous" breach of confidentiality and offered to assist WADA in communicating with Russian authorities over the matter.
They said they will file a breach of confidentiality suit against the father-of-three, unless he apologises.
The founder of Facebook-owned VR company Oculus has been hit with a lawsuit alleging breach of confidentiality and intellectual property theft in the development of the Oculus Rift headset, Reuters reported.
Jennings, who brought her 30 years' experience into disrepute, was suspended to work as a nurse for 18 months following a hearing and subsequently dismissed from the Trust for breach of confidentiality.
The plaintiff then moved to enforce the agreement, and the trial court found no breach of confidentiality.
The freedom of expression is protected by the Lebanese Constitution and the laws in force which preserve public and media freedoms, establish the right of the press to express an opinion, and provide legal protection for each journalist exercising his duty under the ceiling of the law, which prohibits the breach of confidentiality of the investigation and bans publishing the names of witnesses, as this could reflect negatively on the path of justice," Rifi noted.
Berlusconi, 77, is appealing against two convictions of paying for sex with an underage prostitute and a breach of confidentiality over a wiretap.
He has also been convicted of paying for sex with an underage prostitute and of a breach of confidentiality over a police wiretap.
for an alleged breach of confidentiality and misleading conduct over a proposed rail link between the Galilee Basin coal region and the Central Queensland coast.
HOW dare murderer Ian Brady even think of suing Ashworth Hospital for breach of confidentiality over an alleged attack of a nurse.
Debate on confidentiality in research is ongoing; some advocate for totally preserving confidentiality, (1) while others argue that certain situations warrant a breach of confidentiality.
Krouse's question, posed in the presence of this patient's daughters was clearly a breach of confidentiality of physician-patient confidentiality.