brawny arm

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1. the part of the upper limb from the shoulder to the elbow; called also brachium.
2. in common usage, the entire upper limb.
3. a slender part or extension that projects from a main structure.
brawny arm a hard, swollen condition of the arm due to lymphedema following mastectomy.
chromosome arm either of the two segments of the chromosome separated by the centromere. The arms are equal in length when the centromere is in the median position and are unequal when the centromere is off center; the symbol p indicates the short arm and q the long arm.
Chromosome arms. From Dorland's, 2000.
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brawn·y arm

a swollen upper limb caused by lymphedema, can be seen after ipsilateral radical mastectomy.
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brawny arm

Hard, swollen arm caused by lymphedema after mastectomy.
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"I say again, it is a good and a wholesome thing to depend upon main strength and reality, and to earn one's bread with the bare and brawny arm of a blacksmith.
But if he did not see he was not long in ignorance of the fact that he was not alone, for scarcely had his feet touched the roof when a heavy body leaped upon him from behind and brawny arms encircled him about the waist.
The muscles of his brawny arms showed through the sleeves of his light summer coat.
'What's all this here to-do?' said the lady, as the boys fell off right and left, to save her the trouble of clearing a passage with her brawny arms. 'What on earth are you a talking to him for, Squeery!'