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water brash heartburn with regurgitation of sour fluid or almost tasteless saliva into the mouth.


(brash) heartburn.
water brash  heartburn with regurgitation of sour fluid or almost tasteless saliva into the mouth.

water brash

An antiquated term which variously referred to:
(1) A severe form of diarrhoea which may occur in weaned children;
(2) Heart burn; or

Most works, however, define is as heartburn; it is not used in the working medical parlance.


A burning sensation in the stomach sometimes accompanied by belching of sour fluid. Synonym: heartburn; pyrosis

water brash

Reflex salivary hypersecretion in response to peptic esophagitis.

Patient discussion about brash

Q. is there any new medicines or surgeries for heartburn

A. in gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), the problem is usually in the sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach. from some reason it stops working properly and acid from the stomach goes up and cause pain. there is a surgery , here is some info about it-

but i recommend trying the methods Maryam gave you and if it won't help - ask the Dr. for his advise.

Q. Stomach ulcer or bad heartburn? hi. i am not sure if this is just heartburn or maybe i have an ulcer. for the last 7 months i have been getting really severe pains in my stomach (between my chest and my belly button). my upper back gets sharp pains and my stomach bloats out like I’m 8 months pregnant!!!. i have tried to take antacids for this but nothing works. i don’t know what else to do. it scares me sometimes because i have no idea what it is. My mom thinks it could be an ulcer. the pain lasts for a good 4 to 5 hours and i cant even sit down because the pain hurts so bad. can anyone tell me what this might be?????

A. After 7 months with an ulcer you’d be vomiting blood and may have blood in your feces. Anti acid would have helped. So what you say doesn’t sound anything like it. I think a good idea will be going the next morning to see a Dr. – looking for a diagnosis on the web is not a very good idea. And even if you know for certain that you have an ulcer- it is curable. Why wait 7 months?

Q. How to get rid of a heart burn? Help! I have constant heart burn, how to make it go away?

A. I take Prilosec as I get near daily heartburn, works wonders.

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