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a mark put on the skin of animals as a means of identification. In livestock several methods are used. Fire-branding with a hot iron is the traditional method for horses and cattle but is being supplanted by the much superior freeze branding. For sheep the branding of the surface of the fleece with tar or paint has been used for a long time but may have very damaging effects on the fleece and has been replaced by special branding formulations. See also tattooing.

brand cancer
a mass of granulation tissue at the site of a fire-brand. Is usually chronic inflammatory tissue.
brand register
a list of brands and owners maintained by a statutory authority to facilitate legal identification of animals.

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Q. What are the Brands of Sodium-phenobarbitone drug in Bangladesh?

A. maybe this link will help-

if not- i recommend asking an Indian pharmacist..

Q. I'm concerned that my calcium supplements are contaminated w seashells or cow bones. Which brands are best

A. there should be labeled as "from animal source".
here is something that helped me choose:

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