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proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.
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* The amount of value added by the brand name in a category.
Due to the agreement, the company is likely to be forced to drop the Hero brand name and give their electric two-wheelers a new tag name.
It has been shown that lots of luxury brands have a small number in their brand name, for example, Chanel N[degrees]5, or Lincoln Leader No.
The easiest way to spot the fake offers, says the advisory, is to check if there is an error in the brand name on the voucher.
Voya plans to utilize the Chinese brand name and visual identity for various marketing touchpoints including website, social media, TV ad, print media, video, and other collateral.
The Central GST (CGST) rate on the supply of certain goods, such as chena or paneer, natural honey, wheat, rice and other cereals, pulses, flour of cereals and pulses, other than those put-up in the unit container and bearing a registered brand name, is nil.
But sometimes the reasons for brand name failure are not so obvious.
Last fall, results appeared from a trio of prospective, randomized studies that compared several generic forms of the antiepileptic drug lamotrigine against the brand name compound, Lamictal, in patients with epilepsy.
In its study, the ACP looked at how often brand name drugs are used when generic versions are available, how the use of generics influences adherence, whether brand names and generics have similar clinical effects, the barriers to increasing the use of generics, and strategies that can be used to promote greater use of generics.
For example, researchers could examine if GRE messages increase memory not only for the brand name, but also for attributes of the product.
In addition to straightforward brand name infringement, infringement of the unique shape of a successful product and copying its distinguished packaging elements are also common in the marketplace.