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, pl.


(brang'kē-ă, -ē), Do not confuse this word with brachium or its derivatives.
The gills, or organs of respiration, in water-living animals.
[G. gill]


n. pl. bran·chiae (-kē-ē)
A gill or similar organ of respiration.


An obsolete term for the respiratory organ of aquatic and semiaquatic animals for capturing O2 in water; gills.
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Skeletochronology of the humeri of the three animals examined demonstrated first, that the cross sectional morphology of these branchiate animals consists of a thin bone layer surrounding a large lumen (marrow cavity); a morphology more similar to published photographs of larval animals than adults [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4A, C, E OMITTED].
Size distributions of branchiate salamanders varied seasonally and demonstrate the variability of this subspecies.
Both branchiate and metamorphosed young-of-the-year salamanders developed secondary sex characteristics and mature gonads between August and September (Weidenheft, 1983).
It may be that males are slower to metamorphose and therefore overwinter as branchiate animals.
Paedotypic tiger salamanders are defined as sexually mature animals in branchiate bodies (e.