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Pleon 2 fused segments Uropods Modified: hinge laterally along the pleon and pleotelson, enclosing the pleopods in a branchial chamber Location Venice, California, USA, among macroalgae Cat.
Recent studies suggested that iron oxide encrusted bacteria hosted in the branchial chamber of R.
Changes in the oxygen tension of the branchial chamber were measured during a closure response.
Forelimb development in most anurans, including the ranids, occurs within the branchial chamber, under the skin.
Seven of the conglutinates in the posterior portion of the left gill were starting to ascend the oviducts toward the branchial chamber. The inner gills and dorsal nonmarsupial portion of the outer gills were light brown.
For pericardial sinus pressures, the catheter tip was inserted through a 1-mm-diameter hole drilled just posterolateral to the ventricle and on the same side of the crab where infrabranchial sinus and branchial chamber pressures were measured.
Gametes of brood oysters are fertilized at the ctenidia, and the embryos are released into the branchial chamber of females.
100-300 glochidia into the right branchial chamber. Each fish was exposed to glochidia only once.
consolidatum filled most of and were tightly lodged within the host's branchial chamber, producing a characteristic bulge in the host's branchiostegite.
They concluded that the salinity receptors were located in or near the excurrent opening of the branchial chambers. In the crayfish Procambarus simulans, the branchial chamber also appears to be the location of receptors that mediate cardiovascular responses to changes in salinity (Larimer, 1964).
Thereafter, the crabs kept the mouthparts sealed, isolating the branchial chamber. This sealing of the branchial chambers has been reported previously for Cancer magister (Sugarman et al., 1980).