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Separation into parts.


1. In orthopedics, a fracture.
2. To interrupt the continuity in a tissue or electric circuit or the channel of flow or communication.

Patient discussion about break

Q. How do I break it to my mother that I have infantile amnesia

A. i'de let the doctor that diagnosed me with infantile amnesia to tell it to my parents, he can explains to your mother exactly what it means,treatments all sorts..

Q. What are the reasons people break their diet? Recently I passed a screen test for a movie for the main role of heroin. There were 150 people who came for the test and only 13 got selected for various roles. The director suggested all thirteen of us to go on a diet to suit our characters. We were asked to come after dieting for a month. But to our surprise none of us showed any difference. The reason was we all broke our diets. What are the reasons that make people break their diet?

A. there's an aborigine tribe in Australia that it is a custom that the women feed their men for a month every year with "all you can eat" style. they eat much much more then they are used too. after that month , it doesn't take long until they come back to their normal size. that is because the body is not fooled so easily. his has it ways to leave you in your own weight. one of them is make it very very tough to maintain diet.

Q. is there like a big break through in the field of autism therapy and approaching?

A. there is a large amount of research on Autism. Social, neurological, psychiatric etc. today because of new imagine equipment there is better understanding of how our brain works (there are much more to be revealed but still). And there are breakthroughs all the time. You can get updated about research on the subject in this site:

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There is a brake lining (or pad or puck) in the caliper/ brake housing, positioned on either side of the brake disk.
Many new trucks come with a digital electric brake controller built into the dash.
When the vehicle is in driving, the wheel motor works as a electric motor, and the brake clutch 6 is detached, while the driving clutch 19 is merged, the power of the wheel motor will be directly transferred to the axle 17 through the driving clutch 19, driving the wheel 18 to move forward; at the same time, the brake component does not generate feedback brake.
The problem has been labelled the silent killer because of its phantom characteristics of sudden, unexpected brake failure.
Properly adjusted brakes should create a drag on the forward movement of the prime mover.
In addition, you are more likely to have problems with your brake fluid if you use your car only for local travel, because of the increased amount of braking involved in short journeys.
Dunlop Aerospace claims that while heavier steel brakes suffer most wear during the actual landing stop, carbon pads are affected most during aircraft taxiing, particularly when they are cold.
Some visitors will then understand what a garage is expected to do to their vehicle when they book in for brake replacement."
The PD 1473 brake can also be assembled to flexible mountings to accommodate numerous vehicles and equipment types while optional seal materials offer compatibility with all actuation fluids and temperatures, the company said.
From a brake energy standpoint, the brakes don't really care what the braking conditions are, they'll stop you when they can.
Now a DIY test kit has been developed that can check the condition of brake fluid in seconds.
According to the latest report Automotive Brake Linings Market Research Report: Information by Material (Non-Asbestos, Semi-Asbestos, Ceramic Friction Brake Lining), by Vehicle Type (Passenger, Commercial), by Sales Channel (OEM, Aftermarket), and by Region - Forecast till 2025, published by Market Research Future, The global automotive brake linings market is predicted to have a favorable growth at 7.8% CAGR during the forecast period 2019-2025