Brain Drain

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A popular term for the migration of highly trained and/or skilled workers, especially physicians and scientists from underdeveloped countries to countries that offer better working conditions and/or lifestyles
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'Family doctors are not the highest hit (of the brain-drain), we have many of us (physicians) who are spread across the country and we are doing well especially at the primary healthcare level but we need more all important motivation from the government to provide the facilities with which we walk, especially at primary and secondary healthcare level.
The opinion of the people in Craiova regarding the phenomenon of "brain-drain"
This article is designed to broaden awareness of brain-drain, identify its complexities, describe its global impact on the nursing profession, and offer viable options for resolution of a multi-faceted, complex problem.
Lilly Endowment grants to Indiana colleges in the past few years have totaled more than $300 million, and while they are not all specifically geared toward brain-drain solutions, they collectively hope to improve educational and economic opportunities within the state.
As a fledgling university in the northern district of Mzuzu seeks to educate a new generation, reversing the brain-drain that is compounding the country's reliance on foreign aid and externally imposed 'solutions', a design was sought that would meet thc university's extensive campus expansion programme.
In the British territory of Northern Ireland, demographic changes, including emigration and a "brain-drain," have resulted in a decline in the Protestant population.
BRITAIN is facing a brain-drain of top talent as thousands of students head abroad to escape paying back tuition fees.
They say they predicted the brain-drain 18 months ago when ministers went ahead with plans to treat self-employed IT experts as employees.
The real objective of the brain-drain story, according to critics, is to advance public support for deep tax cuts that will further enrich high-income earners.
Asked about the recent brain-drain of top executives from Micros oft, including the long sabbatical of Brad Silverberg, who's said to have turned down Belluzzo's new position, Ballmer was defiant.
Regarding brain-drain, he said that scientists, doctors and engineers should be given incentives to check brain drain from the country.