Brain Fart

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Popular slang for abnormal brain activity which causes human error while performing a repetitive task; mental laxity or any task-related forgetfulness; it has been labeled maladaptive brain activity change by scientists studying the phenomenon
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But if you're hangry and you think the previous sentence was written by some rando having a brain fart, this might be the right time to rage-quit or stop by at a cupcakery.
Like many people of a certain age, Marx worried about the potential causes of her frequent brain farts.
Her 76,000-plus Twitter followers get a similar stream of pine-scented brain farts.
Oh sure, I occasionally got mixed up and "shot" at geese with a white-camoed fishing rod instead of my shotgun, but the brain farts only added to the experience.
It was just brain farts out there," said goalie Tuukka Rask, who probably faced more odd-man rushes than he has seen since his time in Europe.