Brain Drain

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A popular term for the migration of highly trained and/or skilled workers, especially physicians and scientists from underdeveloped countries to countries that offer better working conditions and/or lifestyles
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They were asked various question related to the topic of brain drain.
From the perspective of this theory, brain drain is related to the availability of jobs in the primary sector, and it is less intense in relation to the migration of the labour force in the secondary sector.
The brain drain or share of skilled migrants in the skilled native population is denoted by m, with that of skilled residents equal to (1 - m).
The article comcept of diaspora network and its o Second part comprises of work of different researchers for reversing the medical brain drain of Pakistan.
13) However, the severity of the brain drain depends more on the amount of human capital conveyed by the emigrants (the quality of the emigration) than on the emigration rates themselves (the quantity).
Brain Drain as per the definitions shows that it is a phenomenon due to which the highly skilled and educated professionals out of any reason to leave their native areas.
That suggests there are more reasons for the brain drain than political repression or the lack of research funding and well-equipped labs in other countries.
MacPhee and Hassan (1990) claim that dynamic labor market shortages are responsible for some brain drain experienced by developing countries.
Brain drain commonly describes the movement of high-skilled individuals from poor to rich countries.
That said, the actual question in the development debate is how we can reverse the brain drain.
4) Docquier and Rapoport contend that, under certain circumstances, the brain drain may ultimately prove beneficial to the source country, (5) contributing to speed up the pace of convergence for some countries while contributing to increased divergence in the case of other countries.
With a large and long-running emigration wave, Bulgaria is 127th in the world by brain drain, according to the World Economic Forum, WEF.